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Timeline for the Roleplay

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Timeline for the Roleplay

Post by Bantyr on Wed May 13, 2015 2:08 am

First human and magical alliance/ interaction of notable record was Camelot; between 500 and 600 a.d.
( ) The wizard Merlin, being in possession of a powerful weapon, and wanting no one of an unworthy nature to wield it, bound it to a stone and enchanted it so that only a worthy successor could remove it and wield it.
( ) Arthur, aged 11-14, stumbles upon stone while searching for a sword, manages to free it. Merlin approaches the boy and explains to him his destiny.
( ) The tale of Camelot follows – wherein Arthur and Merlin construct a society based on equality amongst the magical and the mundane – an unpopular opinion on both sides. Especially amongst the witch Morgana’s following.
( ) Morgana believed that humans were subservient – begins her master plan of creating Mordred to bring down Arthur. She takes the form of a maiden and seduces him, bearing a son. Refer to other name; because he’s of Arthur’s blood, the curse that she creates binds him permanently to his father - no changing it – he will have to kill Arthur.
( ) After several years, a gathering of magical and mundane has begun to follow Arthur and Merlin’s way of thinking; Knights of the Round Table are formed.
( ) Merlin, aware of the magical community’s standing, a vast majority in opposition to Camelot, brokers a match between Arthur and Guinevere (a Valkyrie and Vinari being)
( ) This union solidifies everything – brings what they’re trying to do to a progressive head.
( ) Guinevere has no feelings for Arthur, but believes in what he and Merlin are doing.
( ) Lancelot & Guinevere’s romance takes place, is brought to light and despite the betrayal Arthur allows them to flee Camelot rather than have them both slain. It is this act of compassion that is the first strike against his honor in the eyes of his Knights.
( ) Broken-hearted Arthur is confronted by Morgana and weakened substantially before Merlin is able to chase her away; their magic is too evenly matched for him to defeat her.
( ) During this time of weakness Morgana sends Mordred to confront his father, the battle of Camlann takes place where Arthur kills Mordred, but is fatally wounded in the process.
( ) Arthur’s death brings Camelot’s era to a roaring end, and due to the crime of the witch Morgana and the betrayal of Guinevere and Mordred, who was believed to be a trusted ally, the Knights turn on the magical community at large. Sir Kay takes point, leading the Knights on a quest to burn the city of Camelot, which had been built amongst the woodlands that housed the magical community’s greatest city - the entire grove is burned to the ground and the Knights, along with a battalion of like-minded men officially pledge war against the non-human races, disbanding them and forcing them to flee or go into hiding.

800 a.d. - Kay’s death.

Not much is known of the near eight hundred years between the burning of the grove and the first visages of the Bubonic Plague. The Knights of the Round Table went on to become a fierce band of warriors, their ranks swelling greatly as they continued their vendetta against the magical community. The most notable record of them in this time period is their involvement in the end of the Mongolian campaign in southern China in the late 1200’s. It is widely believed within the magical community that it was amongst these travels that they discovered the talent to create their destructive Black Plague.

1346 - The Black Plague emerges in Europe as the first major strike the Knights, now known as Crusaders, took against the magical community at large.
( ) Their first weapon against the magical community; killing without prejudice. It was a very sloppy means of accomplishing mass genocide; but that suited the Knights ideology of the time perfectly. They believed anyone who had had a prolonged contact with the magical community was irrevocably corrupted by it and therefore unsalvageable. The Plague was an easy, effective solution to areas of highly concentrated magical influence and corruption. The Black Plague was the first documented instance of biological warfare.

1492 - The Spanish inquisition was one of a number of real world events used by the Knights as a smoke screen under which to attack the magical community without scrutiny from the over-all population, many of whom were steadily coming to regard the magical community as old folklore and misinterpretation. The booming popularity of science and the full effect of the renaissance era all but solidified humanity as a whole’s view of the magical community as nonexistent.
( ) Throughout the renaissance the Knights became a more organized entity; their violence against the community was masked by race, religion and politic wars - and they were good at it. The only ones who truly knew of the Knight’s new order were those in a seat of power during this time. Kings and Queens were known to call upon the Knights to handle issues of magical influence or infestation at times; though no official records are kept of this.
( ) It was also during this time that the ‘New World’ was discovered - a discovery that held a high allure to those of the magical community. A new world meant a way to escape the Knights and their reach. Many within the magical community enacted an exodus across the Atlantic Ocean to this New World, bearing with them the hope of freedom and safety. The Knights had no interest in the new world, even after learning of the mass magical exodus taking place. In their mind it was an exiling and a victory for them, reclaiming Europe as a strictly human territory.

The next 250 years saw the birth of the American colonies, all majorly operated by the magical community - it was over the course of these two and half centuries that the Knights, now a completely visualized underground operation in Europe, realized their fatal error. Due to their lack of control in the Americas the magical community now had a foothold from which to challenge them; the land, the manpower, even the resources to cut ties with all of Europe and strike out as an independent people.

( ) Between June and July of 1776 a group of aligned mythics gathered and forged a document declaring their independence from Britain, which was at this time all but controlled by the Knights. These men went on to be called the Founding Fathers. After a long and drawn out war, America finally won its independence from Britain and by extension, the magical community won it’s independence from the Knights.

1857 - Central Park zoned, the underground city of Sevrance founded. Sevrance’s original function was as an underground criminal market - much like the black market - for the magical community; many of whom were developing a growing resentment for the escalating human population. For just under a hundred years the city operated in complete secret.

1920’s - from the end of the revolution to the beginning of the great depression, the Knights made a lot of enemies in Europe and Asia. With underhanded political tactics and backstabbing they isolated a lot of the powerful states of the world. It was this array of poor choices that eventually led to their downfall at the end of World War II.
( ) The great depression was such a dramatic hit to the magical community, who at this point were outnumbered in their own territory by humans; the majority of whom didn’t even know they existed. In a desperate attempt to fix the damaged economy they instated Herbert Hoover in March of 1929. Hoover poured substantial amounts of money and manpower into building the Hoover Dam, which was originally meant to be the main source of power and economy for the magical community should a war break out that threatened the American policy.

1930’s - The plan, however, backfired when Franklin Roosevelt, a human, ran for President the following term in 1933 and was elected. The magical community at that point no longer had anyone in a seat of power in America; it was a first since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Roosevelt, aware of the magical community’s existence, set in motion a secret branch of the government that was dedicated to relocating these magical beings onto government sanctioned reservations within the country. At the same time, Roosevelt reached out to the Knights, who were in a fragile position over the damage to their credibility regarding the ongoing holocaust, which they had a minor hand in. Many countries were calling for their dissolution and criminal charging for their part in countless massacres.

1940’s - The Knights were secretly inducted into the American Government, and given their own branch of operations, the deal struck between Roosevelt and the magical community was the creation and endurance of the reservations where they were permitted to live without fear of interference or subjugation. This deal was his bartering chip to also bring the Knights aboard as an independent force, subject to American policy but given special permissions provided they use their power, influence and substantial fortune to assist the American policy as a whole - putting an end to the depression and moving the United States of America forward by leaps and bounds. This was the official formation of what would come to be known as DRAGA.
( ) The creation of the reservations, which were beyond the scope of DRAGA’s control and influence, came with the creation of the Wardens - officials who oversaw the reservation territories and were tasked with maintaining order and safety and, above all, secrecy within the reservations.

1950’s - 1970’s: DRAGA honors their original agreement with the American Government for a time, aiding in the relocation of mythics to their reservations. It isn’t until the 1980’s that DRAGA dissolves the treaty…

( ) Amanda born in 1969 in South Hampton; Lindsay is born in 1972 in New Hampshire; Michael Cross in 1973 in South Hampton.

1981 - DRAGA politically manipulates Ronald Reagan into the White House, dissolves the Washington DC reservation, effectively dissolving the treaty with the magical community; the magical community flees DC, many being executed by DRAGA or sent to reservations.
( ) Within his first year in office, Reagan has Sevrance raided and shut down - using a DRAGA task force that executes a mass genocide on thousands of magical beings within the hidden city. It’s at this time that mythics who had been living in Queens and the Bronx were rounded up and forced to relocate to Manhattan Island or face extermination. The same thing happened in reservations across the country.
( ) DRAGA attempts to legally abolish the reservation laws shortly afterwards, an act that would leave the magical community completely at their mercy, but a group of political activists who were privy to the inner workings of the American Government and the hidden branches it housed blocked DRAGA’s political tyranny, advocating for the magical community at large and essentially saving them from a DRAGA enforced police state on their reservations. The Warden program is enforced, and new programs are implemented to help house and feed non-human entities on the reservations.

1988 - Michael and Lindsay meet.
1991 - Michael graduates from boarding school with high marks and enters DRAGA as an intern, rather than riding into a position of power on his father’s name.
2001 - Michael takes control of DRAGA, using Lindsay’s magical abilities to undermine his father and force him to step down as head of the organization.
( ) Michael enacts a series of laws and regulations that alter the way DRAGA deals with non-human entities. Many within DRAGA oppose this, but Michael stands by his decisions and the DRAGA reform takes shape. With Lindsay’s help he sets into motion plans to build an institute to utilize and train young mythics to work _for_ DRAGA, rather than fear it.
2003 - the Institute breaks ground in East Harlem, scheduled for an opening in the fall of 2005.
2005 - Lindsay gives birth to Jericho.
2008 - Lindsay gives birth to Tristan.
2012 - Lindsay goes on the run, abandoning the boys at the Institute and wiping their memories of her in an effort to save them and erase any trace of her back to them.
2019 - Lindsay is apprehended in Boston and shipped to Manhattan Island; she gets a job working at a local market and spends the next ten years off the radar.
2029 - Lindsay finds four, abandoned, half-demon children in a condemned building in lower Manhattan on a rainy summer night.

Current year: 2047; Donald Evans is the current president of the United States of America - the 49th President; Republican; 53 years old; human; elected in 2041. Next presidential election is in 2049.

( ) Current age of characters; Lindsay is 75 (physically looks to be in her late 20’s/early 30’s); Amanda is 78 (looks to be in her mid-30’s); Michael is 74 (looks to be in his mid 30’s); Jericho is 42; Tristan is 39; Dervish is 18; Ros and Ria are 23; the middle child is 21;

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