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Myra O' Marcaigh

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Myra O' Marcaigh

Post by Necrophilimaniac on Fri May 29, 2015 7:39 am

Name: Myra O' Marcaigh
Sex: Female
Age: 1,457
Physical Age: 35
Race: Dullahan
Occupation: Novelist


Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Silver and Fuchsia
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 150lbs.
Body Type: Myra is a monolith of a woman, a tower built upon perfectly carved foundations of marble. Long legs and well-distributed curves accent her rather sylph-like figure, though her graceful physique is tempered with underlying panes of toned muscle.
Glamour: To most, she is an unassuming middle-aged woman. Given her quiet nature and lax daily attire, others would consider her shy and introverted. Baggy shirts and sweaters keep her figure well hidden, and Myra's librarian glasses give her appearance a bookish quality that often suits her daytime routine.
True Form: Outside of her glamour the Fae is like that of a pristinely preserved corpse. The glow of death clings to her flesh, and the way in which she moves is near ghost-esque in nature. Blue eyes are traded for a heterochromial pair, and within the backdrop of black sclera their duo-tone is far more pronounced. Caramel hair is traded in for platinum locks, and her usual messy bun is replaced by a disheveled, asymmetrical bob.


Death’s Advocate -- As a Dullahan, Myra possesses the ability to deduce the identity of one's soul, and therein call it to the afterlife. They do so via the gateway to the spirit-- the eyes. With merely a mutually locked gaze, Myra and her kin are able to summon souls from corpses. Therein they gain dominion over said corpse, and can perform acts of necromancy upon the dead. With every new victim the Dullahan are imprinted with the name and face of those who they had called to Death, becoming living catacombs for spirits long since forgotten by time.

Key Keeper -- There is no lock to impede a Dullahan when it comes calling. As per their occupation, Myra and her kin put thieves to shame with their prowess in infiltration. Locks and seals of most all varieties become means of entertainment for them, and with their skill especially challenging locks are few and far between. Thus, they meet difficulty with enthusiasm, which usually only makes it a worse affair to try and keep them at bay. Such is likely what initially put them in Death's favor. Nothing and no one was safe from the path of the horsemen, and to this day only higher level, magic-aligned seals have been able to give the Dullahan a run for their money.

Red Nile – Blood magic is an integral part of the Dullahan culture. Albeit most well known for their breaking and entering skills, they are a clan of Fae adept in the art of blood magic and manipulation. Myra, specifically, is a savant when it comes to bending blood to her will for the sake of regeneration and defense. This has adversely hampered other branches of bloodmancy for the luxury of being able to reform portions of her body and implement blood as a versatile weapon. Thus, things like loss of limb, stab wounds, gunshot wounds, blunt trauma, and even decapitation are not guaranteed methods of murder, and to bleed is to give her the upper-hand.


Personality: Having a rather neutral perspective of life, Myra is neither for nor against anyone in particular. It’s her own best interest and desires that hold presidence. To most, this makes her out to be selfish and disloyal to anyone other than herself. But, to her, there is no reason to be devout or charitable simply for the sake of it. Because of this, she also tends to come off as an uncaring creature. Her jadedness has left her to project disinterest, leaving her to act cold and aloof unless something is deemed worth her intrigue. Thanks to these qualities, it’s nigh impossible to pick up on her more core personality traits. Self preservation overshadows her maternal inclinations, loyalty to her family is buried by resentment, and curiosity has been tempered by a mixture of age and destimulation.
Weapons: Myra is knowledgeable in a wide variety of weapons, having wielded everything from blades, to firearms, and blunt-force objects. Her signature weapon is the whip, and it is the only thing she can claim mastery over. Otherwise, her secondary proficiency is in guns, and third is knives. At all times she has some sort of short blade on her person, and always has some iteration of a whip at her disposal.  
Shields/Armors: Her blood manipulation provides her a layer of protection from assault physically, as does her padded leather and light forms of armor plating/chainmail. In terms of mental and emotional armor, she has only her wisdom and jadedness as an aid in fighting off attack and manipulation of such nature.
Strengths: Myra is cunning and prides herself in the art of stealth and intimidation. She has a knack for governing morale and directing large masses inherited from her father, as well as tactical skills that make cornering her a challenge. Snooping as often as she does, she is also an information powerhouse. She learns the enemy, and then unravels them. A woman of poise and precision, she can easily lead her prey to dance in circles with her, and it's rare to find someone that's able to keep up with the Dullahan's adroit steps.
Weaknesses: Similarly to most all Fae kind, Myra is negatively affected by iron. The metal is poisonous if ingested, causing her to bleed internally. Externally, iron-based weapons are nasty for her, clotting of the blood reduced or eliminated with open wounds depending on severity. Unique to her clan, she possesses an aversion to gold, as well. Its properties cause severe skin irritation, and even outright burning depending on its purity. Additionally, though Myra is very skilled in blood manipulation, she is sorely lacking in the field of summoning and using blood as the catalyst for strong spells.

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Re: Myra O' Marcaigh

Post by Necrophilimaniac on Fri May 29, 2015 7:42 am

-Personal History-

The Fae people were originally united, and not broken up into separate courts. After the splitting into Seelie and Unseelie, further branches were born of the two divergent types.  As the tale goes, Myra's lineage, the Dullahan, first forked from the path thanks to an Unseelie bloodmancer. He crossed paths with Death in lieu of mourning over the corpse of his lover. A pact was formed between the two of them, and from this point on the "gift" of the pillar was passed down the line of the Fae via a "right of passage" ritual. To the Dullahan, this ritual was known as "The Vow"

Because of the way the branches began to form and create your varying Fae types, the Dullahan acquired a habit of interbreeding and being very meticulous with choosing suitors best fit for diversifying the gene pool, while still allowing for line to stay pure. This was primarily due to the Pillar of Death's gift being hereditary, and dependent on pedigree. Likewise, as bloodmancers, the Dullahan clan was also very ingrained in the ideals of lineage purity and hierarchy by blood. This being the case, Myra was considered highblood within her society, but not pure to the extent of having usurping status. Her father was pure, but her mother was not of the Dullahan line. In fact, she was Seelie. In matters of pedigree she was an ideal means of diversifying the line by not only adding her differing magic affinities, but also her Seelie status, providing a wider gap of genetics for Myra to inherit.

Therefore, Myra was originally set up to become a member of the clan whose purpose would have been to permit new genetics into the pool without heavily diluting it, as her great grandmother had done so as to produce enough gene variance for her father to be considered pure, but not quite as heavily inbred. Unfortunately, when pit against events transpiring within the background, the planning and precaution was for naught. Though the union between mundane and supernatural made the family-rearing climate preferable, it gradually became more and more unsteady to the point of collapse. Therefore, it was practically impossible to rectify the issue of the Dullahan's line being so small in numbers once Camelot fell.

At this point in time, after Arthur's death and Sir Kay's rebellion beginning against the Supernaturals, Myra was still a young girl.
There is a lot of intricacies to these years between the fall and the middle of the crusades in terms of her development, with family being lost and war constantly at the nape of the Unseelies' necks. These events colored her perspective of the world, and stuck with her throughout and beyond the ordeal. She was both exposed and sheltered. Albeit having a strong semblance of what was going on around her, Myra was never in a position to have to face these things head-on. She suddenly became a valuable commodity, as did others who acted as the future to the clan's survival. She was babied, exempt from consummating her vows, and If not for her father and half-brothers she may not have even been taught the art of bloodmancy until much later into her youth.

This perhaps puts into perspective Myra's lack of qualification to join her brothers in the counter crusade. She was too important, and too green. She hadn't even taken her vow, and therefore didn't even have a notion as to whether or not she'd inherited her gift. The stakes were so great that they couldn't afford it. The success rate of passing the ritual, though high, was a chance involving more risk than they were willing to gamble with. Anything less than 100% was not negotiable now that they dwindled against the might of the knights.

Sadly, with or without Myra in the fray, the Dullahan were doomed to be outdone. Just as she was beginning to reach the acceptance point of mourning her mother, Myra's half brother, Eamon, was killed in battle. He had been her designated suitor once they could find settlement somewhere safe, and with his passing she lost one of her most prized role models. The younger brother, Eernin, was fatally wounded not long after in another raid.

Once the crusade reached the peak of its ferocity, the once very connected family ties began to break off and disassemble for the sake of heightening chances that one group might survive. Myra and her father stayed with a small band of close relatives, and ventured in the direction of The Green Isles. This was the tipping point, where the black knights were sparse, and could no longer hold their own. This shift began to tip the culture into the realm of rogue territory, depending on the skill of being unseen to live.
Myra's father was the last of her small group to have been entrenched in the culture of the knight's code, and the last one left to act as her life's model. He instilled in her the idea that she must live. Though they worshipped Death's Pillar, life was to whom he seemed to always pray. This was a defining detail, causing her to pour her efforts into using her blood magic in such a way as to intensify her resilience and ability to defend herself.

From birth, she had been running from death. Three quarters into the crusades, death found her.

If not for her father's paranoia, they'd likely not have seen it coming in time. A small faction of Sanctum's knights sought to ambush Myra's pocket of survivors. And, though they couldn't escape, her father was able to provide her the last of what he had to protect her.

Therein, she donned his armor, and finally was offered a moment in which she too could participate in the old code, as her father had, and her brothers-- even though her father's hope had been that she would run, and have enough metal on her back to not sustain fatal wound. But, to watch the last of her known people be wiped from the world was too much to turn away from. She was the last, the final Knight of her surname's house to fall victim.

And, in death, the ritual commenced. The vow made between Dullahan and Death was forged at the bridge between the living and the dying. She had inherited the gift, and had also inherited a new lease on her life.

Because of her highly conditioned regeneration and defense, she was able to surpass her lack of skill in summoning and go so far as to be a force reckoned with. Though numbers were against her, she had the constitution of a cat with all nine lives, the slaughter of her fellow Fae soon matched in number by dead Sanctum. Likely due to the mentality instilled in her that survival was her utmost priority, she could not be broken by the ambush party. The desire for Sanctum’s heads was second only to her life in this moment, and it served her well. To live, to kill—she stewed in that philosophy throughout the trek to a new grove, smatterings of Sanctum corpses marking the war path she took.

At the close of the crusade era, the Dullahan settled in Ireland for a good chunk of her younger years, hidden away in the thicket of glamour and nomadic lifestyle. Plague tracked her like a wolf, and she the rabbit. Instead of taking up a territory, she continued to never stay in one place too long, run ragged for the sake of not wanting to offer anyone the satisfaction of catching her. Not the plague, not inquisition, and not famine.

She entered the "New World" much later than most, only venturing from the Isles during the great starvation. So, it was already a formed and flourishing America that she immigrated to, the east coast becoming her oyster. Having lived this long in concealment, she was able to maintain a mundane life for herself even after the initial surge of Sanctum interference, taking a liking to working within the police force. For a while she was at the position of detective, able to stay sequestered in one place that she felt comfortable with, felt at home with…  till, finally, Sanctum's persistence caught up with her again.

She was forced to go into hiding as before, and move around for the sake of her safety. Building a new, Mundane-worthy identity was increasingly difficult within the new age, and in lieu of setbacks in acquiring another faked identity, she was no longer at liberty to return to the police force. Instead, her inherited paranoia made her reclusive once more. Still, she had ingenuity. Though she couldn't continue her work in the field, she began to cultivate a new lifestyle via writing. Under countless pen names Myra wrote all manner of pieces, from articles to short stories, and even had one pen name become well known for detective and mystery genre novels.

"Propaganda" pertaining to the government and even hints to Sanctum slowly began to bleed their way into the media. Just like she'd done with her previous career with the police force, Myra was starting to once again dip her toes into the grudge that had long since been brewing, (and got her into trouble in the first place). She took more and more liberties with airing out dirty laundry, and soon enough it got to the point that she was a completely anonymous entity within the writers’ scene. To fuel the fire, she took on a more vigilante role that allowed her a first-hand account of dealings with Sanctum, specifically. This also soothed the burn of her hatred towards them, allowing for a near therapeutic method of fighting against the anti-magic organization on two fronts.

Currently, she owns the loft over a cafe nestled in one of the nooks of Manhattan Island, making her mundane living off of her writing via the last pen name that she salvaged, the daylight hours devoted to deadlines and tea while the night consists of more anti-hero persuasions.

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