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Glossary of Terms - WIP

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Glossary of Terms - WIP

Post by Semtax on Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:27 pm

Glossary of Terms

• Sanctum – A zealot organization formed from the remnant of the Knights of the Round Table. Originally independent of any higher power, it now operates under the watch of the US government as a Black Op. No official Record of Sanctum exists.

• Monopoly – An Android, formerly human, with a vendetta against Sanctum. Previously an experimental project under Sanctums control, he went rogue and holds a very strong grudge.

• Bastion – The primary Host of Angels. Organized, militant, and always watching.

• Legion – The largest and most well organized faction amongst the Demonic Horde.

• Sevrance – An underground city that was once a haven for the magical community beneath Manhattan Island. It was raided and destroyed in 1997.

• Kamen – The setting equivalent of a Vampire. Born of an ancient curse caused by their sacrificial appeasement of the Pillars.

• Kamer – Sentient reptilian humanoids. They vary in size and shape dependent on species. Some are smaller and lithe like chameleons or salamanders. Others are bulky and hulking like Komodo Dragons.

• Schiftyr – Shifters. The tribe was born of the lineage of Zion, and each individual is born under the aspect of an animal which they identify with. They can shift into both a full and were-forms of their given animal. Commonly referred to as “Skiffs”.

• Pillars – The Deities of an age long past, creatures whose existence on Earth prompted the birthing of Magic into the mundane world.

• Vinari – Ancient Servants and eventually successors of the pillars. No one has seen or heard from them in ages.

• Prefall Artifact – An item of ancient power and significance, crafted by the Pillars and brought to Earth from Asylum before the banishment of the Bound.

• Seelie – The Order/Light half of the Fae. More traditional in their practices and more benign in their methods, though very hardline in their beliefs with low tolerance for deviation

• Unseelie – The Dark/Chaotic half of the Fae. Open to new ideas, not ‘stuck in the old way’, very anarchic and even violent tendencies. Adept at darker forms of magic.

• “The Compound” – The location where Red found the Half-Demon children and rescued them. Burnt to the ground by the same.

• The Crownless – A tale told by a storyteller who frequents Tailor Made. It speaks of two beings of immense power who fell from the heavens around the same time as the Fall of Camelot.

• Tailor Made – A custom clothing store legitimately run by Red, which serves as a front for a Mythical Speakeasy which transfers its location to different storefronts across the island.

• Linathi - The setting approximation of the Seelie Fae court. Similarities and differences in comparison to traditional Fae lore exist.

•Serakh - The setting approximation of the Unseelie Fae Court. Again, similarities and differences in comparison to the traditional lore exist.


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