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Welcome to the Beastiary

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Welcome to the Beastiary

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:59 am

Hello, and welcome to the Beastiary. Within this board you will find useful information and reference images about the many various creatures you might encounter in this Roleplay setting. These facts and points of data may be quoted as portions of text, literature, education, myth, historical fact, legend, heresay, etc. etc., as you see fit from the point of view of your character. Note that some of these critters might not be found in the wild, and that some entries may in fact pertain to extinct animals, or beasts of legend. Be sure to read each detail of the animal you are checking into.

Below is found a list, and a link, to every piece of art/the respective artist that was graciously afforded to use through either Fair Use law, or the expressed written permission of the original artist. As an artist, if you are reading this, please feel free to message me on these boards if you have any protestation about the use of your work. It will be removed, or you credited as you see fit, once we've had the opportunity to talk. At this point, we here at Sanctum would like to extend our many thanks for those of you who have allowed us to use your hard work as reference, and we welcome other artists to offer alternative images to be used if they see fit to give them.

Enjoy, and best of luck with these many animals as you encounter them in the setting.

Cockatrice - (No art as of yet.)
Peryton - Beautifully drawn by Grace Owen of GOwenIllustration.


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