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The Cockatrice

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The Cockatrice

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:02 am

Name: Cockatrice

Species/Genus: Mythicus Family, Avis-Serpens

Associated Pillar: Nox, Chaos

Descriptive appearance: The Cockatrice is well known throughout mythology as having the form of a very large Cockerel, with the hindquarters and tail of a large serpent. It's beak is razor sharp, as are its claws, and its striking colouration is unmistakable. While the entire neck and wing region are feathered, the majority of the Cockatrice's lower body is semi-scaled flesh, breaking suit only long enough to display its magnificent tail feathers before revealing its long barb-ended tail. When the Cockatrice invokes its legendary power, it's eyes glow hypnotically to entice its prey into making eye contact.

Illustrative appearance: [Coming Soon!]

Approximate height/weight: Four feet standing straight up from Head to foot, and seven feet from beak to tail. It's wingspan is twelve feet in length from tip to tip.

Place of origin/habitat: The Cockatrice's origins aren't exactly known, but it's largely attributed to central and western europe where the farming of hens is most popular. They currently can be found anywhere in the world where there are both Cockerels, and serpents.
Known features/adaptations/attributes: The creation of a Cockatrice is rather complicated. After nearly a decade of life a Cockerel, or rooster, can sometimes lay an egg. This egg is of course yokless, but if incubated by a serpent in the shadows of its nest for seven months it experiences a metamorphosis of chaotic magic, where in a Cockatrice is formed and hatched. The Cockatrice will immediately eat the serpent if it dares to lock eyes with it, utilizing its ability to paralyze its prey on sight to do so.

Despite its large wingspan, the Cockatrice has neither the proper skeletal frame nor the muscular strength to fly. Much like its forefather Cockerel, it can only use its wings to glide. It will fight using both beak and spurrs, but its primary tactic is luring its victims into looking it in the eye to disable them, so that it may eat them alive.

The Cockatrice's hypnotic snare for some reason does not work on members of the Weasel family, including Mink, Ferrets, and Sables for example. As a result they can be employed as distraction and possibly combat tactics. It is purported that the crow of a Rooster at dawn can kill a Cockatrice immediately, but the circumstances aren't easy to come by and so this could largely be rumored. One sure fire way to stop a Cockatrice, however, is by causing it to gaze into its own hypnotic stare so that you may slay it while it is immobilized.

Parts of the body used as magic ingredients:
The beak, the feathers, the tail bones, and the claws.


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