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Enoch Ryl'ithra

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Enoch Ryl'ithra

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:46 am

Name: Enoch Ryl'ithra [Foretold Serpent]
Sex: Male
Age: 215
Physical Age: Roughly in the early 40's
Race: Kamen
Occupation: Future Tailor Made Bouncer


Hair Color: Dark chestnut brown with slivers of silvery gray.
Eye Color: Gold with slit like pupils.
Height: 6'6
Weight: 237lbs
Body Type: Elegant and lean but with muscular definition as well as broad shoulders, long torso, limbs and neck.
Glamour: Enoch is viewed as a well lived middle aged man with light, caramel colored skin and wisps of gray in his short and wavy military styled hair. His eyes turn a pale shade of green and take on a natural pupil which gives him a striking and exotic appearance.  
True Form: Out of glamour, Enoch retains features of his age which are slight signs of fatigue and wrinkles at the eyes. His hair remains the same in color, however it grows considerably longer, almost reaching his waist. The eyes shift to a brilliant gold and take on a more reptilian slit pupil. Certain parts of his skin take on snake like properties as well such as scaled skin around the eyes and along the ridge of his spine. Faint hints at longer 'belly scales' mark his torso and there are patches of skin that only harbor the pigmented patterning that snake skin possesses.


Personality: As a boy, he always had a tendency for recklessness and disregard for social norms. This created a less than admirable personality for his time which had him sent to the Roman Legion for reformation. This molded him into a respectable, mature adult with a passionate, gentlemanly nature and strong sense of self. He has a high tendency to speak his mind with little awareness of others or insulting them. In the presence of strangers or in what he perceives to be important circumstances, this is generally how he is however, in secrecy or comfort, his insatiable desire for risk and danger shows. He almost becomes so focused on it he can be seen as suicidal in comparison. This side of him is easily triggered and dangerous to himself and others since he loses any sense of 'preservation for life' and views it as humorous.





-Personal History-


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