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Ethereals - Angels and Demons

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Ethereals - Angels and Demons

Post by Semtax on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:00 pm

Angels, Demons, and the Afterlife. These are mercurial subjects even in today’s era. To understand the trappings of the Divine and the Infernal you must first understand the way that Magic functioned before it was truly discovered and exploited by mortals. Before the Enlightenment, magical events were referred to as Miracles, and the things that Magic could do were far less defined, more open ended. Magic was based on belief. If a group of townsfolk gathered together and begged some higher power for rain during a drought…And enough of them believed that rain would come at their pleadings…Rain did come indeed. This was a peculiar occurrence particularly in that the only creatures capable of tapping into magic this way are Humans. Creatures with a mortal soul. This sort of Wish-Granting is the reason for the existence of Angels and Demons.

After the Purge, Human kind began to lose their necessity for interaction with Downworlders and Mythics of any shape. They stopped needing it. And so magic returned to the old way. Faith took center stage as “Magic” was rumor and whisper and fiction. However what very few realized is that this Faith, acting as it had since the dawn of time…Had spawned something. The Lawful Convictions of Man had given birth to beings of light and wings and justice. Angels. Creatures who ensure morality and balance are the anchor on which the universe stands. Conversely…Man’s corruption, his materialism, his depravity…Gave way to the Devils, the Demons. Monsters of anarchy and chaos and violence who destroy simply for the sake of destroying. Among these two sects of beings were born captains or generals. Iconic epitomes of their nature, a being of Law and a being of Chaos. Ultimates of Good and Evil. Caelestis and Stygian

As these beings of will and thought continued to come into being, originally they were offered place in Asylum by the Unbound, and this maintained for a time. The two both fancied themselves as fit to rule and guide the mortals on Earth in the way that they should go. They were given a task by the Pillars. Create a being which represents the culmination of your ideal for humanity. Their event horizon. Show us what the mortals would become under your hand of guidance and tutelage. And so they set about their task. From these efforts were born two beings of awe and might. Descendants of the Pillars, creatures that dwarfed even the Vinari in power. The Pillars were impressed. They discussed among themselves for a lengthy time who had won this contest. In the end there was no decision. They felt the two were equal. Caelestis and Stygian, ever the sisters of rivalry, did not feel this ruling was acceptable. Eventually, war broke out between the two goddesses, a war which nearly tore Asylum apart. At this point both parties were banished. Utterly. They were cast into the abyss of the mortal realm and left to their devices. This marked the beginning of their influence on the mortal world.

Demons and Angels access powers of raw Law and Chaos. They are beings legitimately spawned of raw energy of these aspects of morality and immorality, and are constantly renewing themselves. Creatures which feed off of energies such as these can prove devastating for the ethereal hosts. Additionally, the sway of the tide between these two now decisively warring parties is incredibly affected by the status of the world for the Humans of Earth. Their emotions, thoughts, and feelings, their desires and wishes, sprout new soldiers for the armies that fight tirelessly overhead without making a sound. This is the plight of the Unseen.

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