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Pandora "Fox" Yvette Coetzee - W.I.P.

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Pandora "Fox" Yvette Coetzee - W.I.P.

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:45 pm


Name: Pandora Yvette Coetzee
Alias: Fox
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Physical Age: 24
Race: Kamen, originally was [just] a Witch
Occupation: Guns for hire. Pandora acts as a hired assassin, an entitled mercenary, and a means of collective intelligence.

Height: 5’7’’ on bare feet and 6’0’’ when wearing her 5 inch heels.
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Colour: Comparable to freshly spilled blood, Fox sports burgundy locks possessing compact ringlets. The length dwindles down close to the mid-section of her back, and usually remains down, with most of it swept over to the left side of her scalp.
Eye Colour: "Fine Colombian emerald’s” were the choice of words used by a jeweller that Fox had interacted with a year after her transition into a Kamen. Like a rich meadow grass growing by a shaded pool in high summer, that is the finest tone of her irises. Towards the edges does a yellow begin to shift along with the rim of black, and within incandescent light will it bring out such a hue. Holds almost a luster of satin ribbon. This gives more of a contrast and alarming attention towards the slit of her eyes. Such a trait keeps it well known of her new species, but others have commented on the curiosity of her being more feline before.
Body Type: The best way to accurately describe the physical frame of Fox would be ‘curvy’. She doesn’t hold the curves in terminology of weight, but more so the construction of her actual bones. Her bust line is that of 37 inches, waist 24, and hips about 33. Lean muscle can be discovered if one inspects her arms and back, along with her stomach. She doesn’t have remarkable abs, but more so a light tone of them, clearly displayed as almost hidden, but visually caught if one actually looks. Her collarbones are usually quite defined while her legs are very lengthly for her frame; generally questioned if she is taller if one brings their attentions to simple photo images.
Glamour: In the eyes of mortals the slits on Fox’s eyes are no longer, and they instead appear as circular as the rest. The colour itself is more toned down into a grassy hue rather than the luminescence of a gem. Considering she does have a few scales, mainly around her ribcage, lightly on the thighs, and partially on her forearms, this all goes unnoticed in the eyes of regular individuals. Her nails are less sharp as appeared, and the canines act more smooth instead of jagged.
True Form: Like noted above, her true form is simply the sharpness of her eyes and the associated scales along her ribcage, thighs, and forearms. Her eyes are vibrant and striking, therefore she usually wears dark shades even around those whom are not mortal as some have said that although they are classified as beautiful, they’re also quite unsettling due to her personality. She truly gives a vibe that she would suck your soul out of your esophagus before you could even stagger another breath. Her teeth are indeed more jagged and sharp, along with that of her nails. Many a time she has used her own nails to pick locks and gain access to homes and buildings in such a manner.


Fox could be more considered as a fire-cracker. She doesn’t hold her tongue for long and tends to spit her opinion even when it is not valued. She has a fierce craving for knowledge and power; always trying to keep herself on the edge of her seat in terms of learning new things and advancing to a higher scale. This truly fits with her being turned into a Kamen, coincidentally, given that they are creatures that praise such things.

Half the time she does tend to remain silent for most occasions, keeping business to business and personal to personal. Her occupation allows her to hold an incredible amount of information, thus leading her to always seem to know something about someone, as she is paid for her efforts. Some days she will be hired as a mercenary, other times it is a simple task of obtaining valued secrets.

Fox maintains a level of confidence and enigmacy about herself, blending her coy attitude with that of seduction. She never boasts about her outward exterior, but will use such assets if it means a job can be done in a more rapid process. It has been recognised that individuals do tend to trust [attractive] women far more than men as a whole for they come off as more trusting and gentle; innocent. Unable to see past the countless centuries of submissive form and lack the sight of manipulation, even if it has been done previously. This is what she does use in her favour.

With her lust for the dark arts and voodoo practice, her attention is mainly derived to the Goddess Agenda, and praises her accordingly by wearing a necklace that has her symbolism upon it, even though she knows such an individual is deceased. This is more of a ‘praise in memory’ act. Such an individual inspired her to delve deeper into the Voodoo arts, along with her practices for combat and melee attack knowledge. She finds Agenda as a being to look upon for strength, power, and no remorse for the weak. Something she highly values.


Weapon of particular choice is that of the Sai, a traditional weapon associated with Okinawa Martial Arts. Fox developed a genuine interest within the specific blades after submerging her attention to the film ‘Elektra’ around the age of 13, and this also led her to pestering her Aunt into allowing Okinawa Martial Arts practices. The younger Pandora looked upon Elektra as a trademark for her growth into an independent woman, as she loathed the concept of always needing a man to ‘rescue her’.

Due to her prodigy gifts of being a Witch in her magically capable family, Fox also uses what she knows as an asset to her methods of defense and attack. She expands on most magic and makes sure to keep this as a handy subject to use when needing assistance, or simple things required.

Another remarkable form of weaponry, truly, is rather simple and quite straight forward within such a 21st century: A pair of dual pistols. Usually strapped along her thighs, sometimes only keeping it to one, it aids in her advancement for if she needs to do long-range attacks. Fox is also talented in using shot-guns and sniper rifles.

Simple but effective form would also be her nails. They’re like blades, along with her teeth, and it can be used for up close combat if required.


Kamen Turning
--------------------- Heightened Senses & Reflexes.
--------------------- Resistant & Immune to any Poison, Paralysis, and Toxin.
--------------------- Magnetism involving snakes, likewise with communication purposes.
--------------------- *Hypnotic Stare.

Witch Upbringing
--------------------- Impeccable prodigy; fast learner when it comes to magic and it's 'mechanics', so to speak. Pandora is able to truly use her full bodily energy into the spells and cause them to work increasingly fast, examples being when she had caused the young females hair to fall out within high school, or heal the cuts in her hands when she had fallen down upon glass. **Efficiency has doubled due to the Kamen alteration.
--------------------- Rather in-tune with elemental magics, mainly air and fire. Due to this she can thin the air out, making it harder for her opponent to breathe, or with the use of Blood Magic, manipulate it with fire and 'raise the level' of their core temperature to sort of roast someone alive from the inside out.
--------------------- Voodoo is her specialty.
--------------------- Blood Magic.


--------------------- Owns outfits that are created for her body specifically. Increasingly flexible as to allow her to make use of gymnastic techniques and up close combat, yet alone is the piece durable. The padding is formulated to at least stop [most] basic bullets from penetrating fully into the flesh along the torso, back, and legs. Arms are more vulnerable but Fox does not truly think of this since she is more focused on quick speed and always having the upper hand.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Aside the given abilities Fox has her strengths in the manner of manipulation and persuasion. She carries a rather keen stride when it comes to the use of language, but makes the best use out of her quick tactics and being able to ease herself out of almost any situation. Her intelligence drives her to think outside of various boxes and advance to a higher level -picture beyond instead of just two steps ahead.

Although this is remarkable for her occupation such things can become a large drawback for her own personal lifestyle. Fox tends to feel no remorse, shame, nor any concept of guilt. This allows her to be able to murder someone without much thought, but it also restricts her in the notions of love or true passion. Perhaps this could be due to her upbringing in certain situational events, but most have written it off as a schizoid personality disorder.

Fox can come off more intense than most people, and as much as she does plan ahead, her draw back is more so jumping before over-all steps have been considered. She is a 'Get in and Get out' sort of woman. When she has a mission it becomes her entire self until completion. Many can count on her in terms of reliability to retrieve something, but never expect loyalty, as Fox shifts where the money spawns. One moment she could be your best friend, and the next moment she is shaking hands and kissing babies with the being whom you have loathed the most.

Personal History:

Birthed from a simple family of Wizards and Witches, Pandora Yvette Coetzee was raised in a small town within South Africa. Everything that involved their true selves were hidden and kept hushed to those around them, making sure that no one discovered their magical talents in fear of being exploited, harassed, and thrown out of the area. For a long while this is why Pandora was raised as a mere human child, associating with nothing magical until it suddenly became apparent that it was unavoidable.

Many assumed she was an odd child, talking to that of animals instead of creating friendships, but Pandora was perfectly fine with her silent but efficient bonds with those of four legs instead of two. The main announcement of her uncontrollable abilities would be when her mother was making dinner and Pandora accidentally heightened the fire upon the stove, almost lighting the entire house into a flame. That is when she had been taken out of her small village at age six and brought over to live with her Aunt, a Witch located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. This is where she was mainly raised, and this is where she got into the most dark magic available.

Her Aunt taught her all she could truly know without worry of being taken advantage of, or the magic being pushed out into the open world around her. Threatening herself in any shape or way. Around 13 Pandora associated herself with more lengthy books and hard covers, dipping into actual spell creation by using DNA pieces from people, investing in herbal accessories, and taking what she could to produce to the next level. She was mainly associating with light magic due to her Aunt trying to teach her such methods, along with simple things that could aid in her development as a healer, for that is what her Aunt used most of her magical talents for.

Instead did Pandora begin to pry around the attic when her Aunt was out and about, locating more books for her mind and instead discovering a book that was placed in the far back, hidden within the depths of an old dresser. Greedy and being secretive she took it, reading it within her bedroom and truly picking it apart.

The book wasn't something to be taken lightly. It was black magic. It was voodoo. It involved sacrifices.
Associated with Blood Magic.

Right under her Aunts nose did the prodigy begin to venture into the dark arts, shifting from the use of her medium sized closet and instead figuring out a path to an open space in the woods that could keep her hidden while she toyed with what she could. Around 14 Pandora discovered an old mill in the depths of wood and greenery, staking claim in its abandoned image; making it her own little home away from home.

The first time she ever truly used dark magic on someone is when she found the true rush in it.
The adrenaline.

A young female was bullying numerous individuals in school, outcasts, and she became a target. After being humiliated with milk spilled upon her during cafeteria hours, Pandora resorted to her woodland location and began to channel a curse. With a few ingredients and the slicing of her palm, Pandora went to school the next day and watched as chunks of the girls hair began to fall.

Bit by bit she was losing it all. She was going bald and choking on her tears, and all that Pandora did was sit at the back of the classroom, face buried in her notebook, hiding her laughter with vicious eyes.

Her Aunt never heard of the event due to having no association to anyone whom was a parent at her place of education, and her parents never found out simply because they were hardly involved in her life. On a few occasions she had been bitter about such things until hearing via a phone call, her Aunt having contacted them, only for them to state how they felt something dark within her. She was too tainted and they did not wish to be associated. Almost considering her a demon. This had caused slight anger in Pandora but she pushed it aside and bottled it up, made use of her actions to pour it into the only talent she felt she had: Magic.

Brewing potions and little nectar that she would sell at school like drugs, Pandora became quite the entrepreneur. Everything was doing moderately well for her until she was caught by one of the professors, and even though they could not quite place what she was selling as it appeared like a simple drink, they associated it towards alcohol and sent her home on suspension. That is when her Aunt began to piece together what she was doing and was quite outraged, lashing out on her with verbal assaults and commanding her to keep herself within her room for the weekend on a grounding.

Pandora did not listen.

Due to her collective business she had saved up enough funds to at least gain some access to escape someplace else. Taking what she could, 17 year old Pandora sneaked her existence out of the bedroom window and laced her way towards an airport, only managing to get on board after 'sneezing' upon a worker (powder placed in her hand that made the individual more suitable to agree) and making them think it was perfectly fine that she had no passport or proper methods of identification.

Upon this note Pandora abandoned the depths of South Africa in order to venture to that of American soil. The woman spoke little English and full Afrikaans, a language hardly used nor heard by anyone outside of the actual country.


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