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Fancy Meeting You Here

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Fancy Meeting You Here

Post by Bantyr on Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:57 pm


The Tailormade in Time Square, backroom within the tavern.


Present year 2047; evening hours of operation.

The walls of the bar were a matte black with specks of silver placed sporadically, the likes of which would sparkle when hit with the lights overhead. The couches which lined the wall were made of a slick black leather, the pillows on it were varying shades of silver and white. In front of the couches were glass tables where people could set their drinks. At the other end of the room sat the bar, the sleek black and silver marbling glowing in the dim lighting. The barstools were a plush black leather and the legs a metallic silver. Overhead, there was a silver netting with pieces of black fabric hanging from them. Behind the bar set a collection of bottles, giving off a soft glow. At the bar sat a few patrons, though no active conversation had begun, rather each person casually ignoring one another.  The way to gain access to the club is to go to the cashier of the location and give them the code sentence of "I need a pair of red socks" before they are led into the back bar.

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