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Idalys Deckard

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Idalys Deckard

Post by Bantyr on Wed May 13, 2015 1:59 am

-Reposted from previous forum-

Name: Idalys Deckard

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Race: Human

Occupation: Acquisitions


Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 154 pounds

Body Type: Average

True Form: Angelic face --- like a cherub's. Wide, blue eyes. Hair short, pixie-ish. While over recommended weight, there are hints at physical fitness despite the affectionately dubbed 'pudge'.


Personality: Signs of anarchist tendencies, but they seem to be mostly in check as she chooses to focus it all on her darling brother, Alaric, for some unknown reason.

Weapons: Sarcasm and bubble gum.

Strengths: Escape Artist, Quick Wit, Finding her brother,

Weaknesses: Alaric = brother.

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