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Alaric Deckard and Abbadon

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Alaric Deckard and Abbadon

Post by Bantyr on Wed May 13, 2015 2:00 am

-Reposted from previous forum-

Name: Alaric Deckard
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human (In contract with a demon)
Occupation: Gambler, Pool Shark

Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 170 lbs
Body Type: Thin and skinny, with broad shoulders and slender hips.
Glamor: Alaric does not have a glamor form.
True Form: His hair is golden-brown; it is long and shaggy with texture like sun. Alaric's features are deeply angular and boyish, with full lips and high cheek bones. He has a disarming smile that is somehow both genuine and sly—cocky and vulnerable at the same time. His eyes are gun-metal blue, misty and clouded with solemn swirls of grey. He carries himself like he has something to prove—to the world and himself.

Personality: Live hard. Die young. Make a pretty corpse.
Powers: Alaric's supernatural abilities have only been recently discovered as a result of his demonic encounter. As such, he is still figuring them out. His natural persuasiveness has been greatly enhanced, and when he concentrates he can read minds or influence seemingly random outcomes (summoning that ace from the deck when he really needs it). Otherwise, they tend manifest whenever he is in great danger—if Alaric dies, so will Abbadon.  
Strengths: Alaric is naturally charming. He plays a mean game of pool and an even better hand of Hold 'Em. He is intelligent—both street smart and well-read.
Weaknesses: He is self-destructive—Alaric always knows how to fuck up a good thing going. He has only been initiated into the realm of the supernatural for a month, and in that time he has managed to piss off virtually every major player in Downworld and Topworld alike—some of whom he is not even aware of. D.R.A.G.A. commandos are trying to kill him, he owes a great deal of money to a Downworld connected loan shark, and he has swindled several rich and powerful Topworlders (who in turn were the assets of richer and more powerful Downworlders). Oh, and that demon that is bound to him? Turns out Abbadon was a top-level enforcer for Ithkuil.

Sex: Male
Age: Thousands of years.

Abbadon does not have a corporeal body. Alaric serves as his host. Abbadon is deceitful, manipulative, and duplicitous—everything you'd expect a demon to be. He takes great pleasure in tormenting Alaric, and would like nothing more than to break free of his host's will. He is very powerful, with few feats beyond his ability. His is, however, very reluctant to direct that power in any way that might benefit Alaric, and guards his true capabilities carefully.

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