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Nadia Anne Cross

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Nadia Anne Cross

Post by Bantyr on Wed May 13, 2015 2:15 am

"Seeing her sitting there unresponsive makes me realize that silence has a sound.”
― Jodi Picoult

Name: Nadia Anne Cross
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Occupation: Clean-up Crew for Monopoly
Sin/Virtue: Minor Virtue of Altruism

Hair Color: Black at the roots, though the majority of her hair is purple with it fading into a brilliant blue further down.  

Eye Color: Nadia has a mix of yellow and pink irises which seem to glow in comparison to her hair. To add to her “bold” looks, she also has demon-like, cat-eyed pupils; the likes of which she is not very good at hiding.

Height: 5’5”  

Weight: 159 lbs

Body Type: She has a very “plain” body type, her only feminine feature being the slight curvature of her hips and bust. Overall her body type is very balanced and modest.  

While Glamoured: Her alternative form was adapted while on the compound in order to hide her angelic prowess amongst the demons. When in her alternative form the skin from the bridge of her nose and up becomes black and leather-like. This shift into the leather skin also includes her eyes becoming pitch black.

When she was a child, while in her alternative form she would have stitches in her mouth, completely clamping her mouth shut. This stitching is caused by the fact that when she was younger the cardinal sin of Pride had to cut off access to her voice based powers.

As she grows older she still does have small scars where each of the threads had been placed multiple times, each time they ripped Pride would have re-stitched her.

She does have a more human glamour, in this glamour she simply loses the leathery face and black eyes, though her eyes remain their obnoxious pink and purple color, she never could figure out how to properly glamour those.

Personality: Nadia’s personality is very docile and shy, if given the opportunity she can and will refuse to say a word to anyone for a very long time. The only person she will willingly talk to is her twin, Aidan.

A self-proclaimed mute, she is haunted by crippling shyness and when forced into a situation in which any sort of attention is on her can cause her to be overwhelmed to the point of “demonic” rage, in which she can and will turn into her more demonized form and escape from the situation.

Nadia has an incredibly kind soul and enjoys taking care of those around her, despite the fact that it could lead to her mistreating herself, not giving herself the things she needs in order to give those she cares about the things they want.

Strengths: She is incredibly reliable as a person, considering the fact that she acts as the “eyes” for her twin. Her nature is incredibly kind and good-hearted, to the point that she is incredibly maternal to her siblings and those she cares for. One of her biggest strengths is the self-sacrificing way she treats herself. Rather than worrying for herself, she focuses most of her energy into the care and happiness of her family.

She has four natural abilities, two touch based and two vocal based. The first is the ability to create an empathy based link between herself and others individuals in order to change their mood, say from sad to happy, simply by touching any part of their body. The second ability is her ability to split and bind wounds by means of touch, meaning if she were to run her finger across the skin of an enemy, say across their throat, she would be able to split the skin of their throat. The opposite can be done as well, where she can run her finger across any wound and cause it to seam flawlessly in a matter of moments, a seemingly instant heal.

Her third and fourth ability are ones she was born with, while the others are due to adaptations she was forced into while living with her sire. These last two abilities are the ability to create a banshee like roar which can cause various things to break as well as temporarily disabling those around her due to the gravity of her scream. Her last ability has to do with her banshee shriek, in which if she were to be in any sort of pain or even simply afraid she creates an emotional empathetic link between herself and all that can hear her, causing them to also feel the fear or pain that she feels.

Weaknesses: Because of her crippling shyness Nadia is often overwhelmed in situations that involve any sort of conversation or confrontation. This shyness can cause her to mentally shut down and her automatic defense mechanism would be to enter her demonized form in order to escape the situation, if not “rescued” from it quickly enough.  

-Personal History-
Nadia was born to the human Camellia, having been conceived while her mother was already pregnant with her fraternal twin. She was created by the simple wish of her mother, the wish of having someone to protect Camellia’s children if she were to die. This wish came to fruition due to Camellia’s ownership of a Gift from Creation.

She was the first child born in the midst of an experiment in which her sire was attempting to produce a minor sin, despite the fact that she herself was not initially demonic in nature. She and her twin, Aidan, were born and she was the only one of the two who showed any sign of potential when it came to the seemingly demonic properties that their sire had expected of them.

Upon her birth, Nadia gave her first cry of life, though no one was prepared when it was initially a banshee shriek that rattled the compound which they lived on. Unable to quieten her, Pride was forced to stitch her mouth close in order to prevent her from ruining his compound. It was soon after she was stitched that Pride regretted his rash decision and thought of a secondary process in which he could force an adaptation in which Nadia might be able to obtain new abilities if given the right situation.

Due to his goal of forced adaptation, while growing up on the compound, Nadia was often placed under constant duress and stress at the hands of Pride and the staff, despite the agreement in which Camellia had “right” to the children which were not minor sins. In order to keep her at the right state of constant stress, Pride and his staff were both emotionally as well as physically abusive to young Nadia.

It was during the worst of the abuse that they were rescued by Red and Jeremiah. At that point in time, she and her siblings were taken to the monster house to live with Red, Jeremiah, Monopoly, and Mousetrap.

Almost immediately when they were in the custody of Red and Jeremiah her stitches were opened but she still did not talk, she simply couldn’t make herself do something which had caused extreme pain in the past.

As time moved on she did become more and more comfortable with speaking to certain people, those people being Red, Jeremiah, and Aidan. It was at this time that she was sent into the field with mousetrap to “earn her keep” within the monster house.

She learned quickly that her touch healing was exceedingly important when it came to cleaning the bodies. This was because she was able to close each and every wound that a person had without leaving a scar behind. Therefore, no cause of death would have been able to be ruled upon later examination.



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